Those At Fault for the 'Hen'

C. Nuan-- C. Nuan has been writing for more than two decades and is a fan of fiction, mysteries, and comedic fantasies. There are a number of projects presently in the works that preoccupy this vagrant‘s time and preserve the innocent folk of the nearby city.

Ryuuen Tanaka-- Ryuuen enjoys harmless artistic endeavors with its colleagues at the Creative Media and Film Society of the Philippines (Fly Aswang, Pintakasi) and encouraging dynamic artist collaborations via tournaments at
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Tuuli Juntunen- Not another brick in the wall; just another yip in the wind, Tuuli is in the midst of completing her visual design degree at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She has nabbed a couple of awards, such as first place in Ainemaatio 2009 sponsored by MTV3, and is presently assisting a fledgling gaming company.
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Frank Hong-- Frank is completing his degree in animation at Sheridan College and pursuing a number of freelance opportunities, including work with EA Games. He enjoys painting, gaming with friends, and fleeing stalkers that fall prey to his devastating allure. Frank's work presently appears in the 48th issue of "Imagine FX" magazine.
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