Mother Hen and the Madness that Is

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells

And cockle shells

And six little maids in a row.

In a future maybe not far from this moment, nature and technology have achieved harmony; yet, man, though elegant in his savvy, is still a creature of hunger. Attempting to find the family she lost as a child, Mary descends upon the city of Bellanople with nothing but a nursery rhyme as her guide. An adept mechanic, she gains employment with Jhin Kithan, a merchant, to finance her inquiries. Her quest leads her into the lives of many people, each searching for their own moment of satisfaction. As tensions within the city mount due to a persistent criminal element, Mary find herself the figurehead of a desperate revolution and facing a fate she fled long ago.

Mother Hen is a blend of science fiction, mystery, and romance! Taking a “tomorrow’s tomorrow land” approach to creating a futuristic world, we aim to ensnare you, the reader, and make you feel like you're truly part of the society! Essentially, the story is a vehicle for us to examine what the world of today is going to turn into 200 years from now. Now, that entails a lot of interesting, but long winded, little details that we'll examine another time; but, please believe me when I say it's not all hugging and kissing and it's certainly not just big robots and funky space ships. Not that there's anything wrong with those! However, the original concept was inspired by an attempt to create a “big bot” tale while avoiding the typical “big bot” conventions; thus, we get our mechanic and a quirky cast of characters that allow us to explore this world of tomorrow through the eyes of a typical citizen. Although we enjoy orbiting in isolation on some ship in the middle of nowhere- except when it's possessed by Hell- we'd like to see what the ground's got to offer!

There's only one big hitch~

No funding~ Not that we're asking for any! We're not! Thanks for the offer. We'll return the fifty cents we borrowed for ramen tomorrow. In all sincerity, all of us are broke college kids just goofin' around and tryin' to make the grade; so, we saved up a bit and did this stint to get you interested! Yeah, we did it on purpose. Basically, we're trying to get enough reader support and love for Mother Hen that some publisher gets so tired of hearing people talk about it that he finally gives in and makes us an offer. So, all we're asking of you is to give us some feedback, enjoy the site, share it with friends, and, if you're a little bit more curious than others, purchase the book. Keep us company on this sci-fi roadtrip! Thanks!