The Many Faces of Mother Hen

Mary M. (a.k.a. Mary Emme)

Age: 22

Height: 167.6 cm (5'6")

Occupation: Robotics mechanic

Ambition: To find where she begins

Details: Emotionally guarded, Mary often appears cool, sophisticated, and good-humored. Her charm permits her to wield the title of “mechanic” boldly while surmounting the stereotypes associated with it.

Jhin Kithan

Age: 24

Height: 182.9 cm (6')

Occupation: Merchant; CEO of Kithan Interests

Ambition: To get through another day

Details: Reared by his uncle (and/or the society thereof) to be soft-spoken, eloquent, and able to field any transaction gone awry, Jhin is the perfect businessman. Sadly, however, said uncle(s) failed to teach him how to have a social life....